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Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentist in Hamilton

Dental anxiety is quite common for adults and more for kids. Despite relatives and friends
making the best efforts to calm down a patient, the mind still triggers some unwanted
nervousness and frightening thoughts.

No need to say anything—the shivering body shows it all.
However, a little nervousness is OK.
During a study, it was found that over 61% of people reported that they suffer from dental fear
and anxiety.

There are hardly any patients at our dental clinic who are not nervous during their treatments.
This is where our Nitrous Sedation for Kids and adults comes into action.
It calms down the nerves without actually dissolving in the blood it acts on the central nervous
system and helps a person to relax.
It does not have any side effects or after effect, and the patient can drive home after treatment.
Very safe for kids starting from 3 years olds
Nitrous oxide sedation, also known as, “Happy Gas” makes things manageable.
Not only does it help the dentist in commencing the treatment, but it has also been found quite
helpful in reducing the pain for the patients.
It will lessen their anxiety about needle.
Nitrous oxide sedation for nervous patients alleviates anxiety in such a way that the dental
team can easily carry out the treatment while the patient is awake.
So if you have that nervous patient, simply reach out. We’ll handle it!